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How important is REST and the role of the parasympathetic nervous system

How much time do you put a side to rest each day? How important is rest to our neurological system? How do you actually create balance in your life? I had the great pleasure of briefly meeting the author of REST: a science and an art, Ros Broome, after one of my educational evening talks. She [...]

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Neurological Physiotherapists Role in Prevention and Neuroprotection

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (UK) chief executive Karen Middleton delivered a strong message during the recent inaugural international neuro physiotherapy conference, held in London from 17-18 March. She advocated how neurological physiotherapists have a  leading role in prevention, self management and self referral of the aging population as well as those with a diagnosed neurological [...]

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Its WORLD Parkinson’s Disease day – and we have plenty to share

Its world Parkinson's Disease day today the 11th of April, designed to increase awareness of this life changing neurological condition. Parkinson's Disease is a degenerative neurological condition which is due to the loss of the hormone called dopamine which is produced in the brain in the basal gangalia region. This can result in a wide [...]

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The No Spill cup is here

For those who struggle with upper limb tremors drinking out of a standard cup or glass can be a challenge not to spill the liquid contents everywhere. However there is a great new product on the market called NOSPILL and has been specifically designed to allow you to drink with less chance of getting covered in [...]

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InformMe webiste – Delivering quality stroke care

The Australian Stroke Foundation as produced a fantastic health professional website resource called InformMe; The website provides you with access to the 2010 Clinical Guidelines for Stroke Management, which are currently being reviewed and it will be exciting to see what changes may appear in the new guidelines.  There is a wide range [...]

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