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About Petrie Raddock

Petrie is a neurological physiotherapist working at Connect Neuro Physiotherapy who has a passion to enable change in her clients. She has an emphatic nature, but also values the results of hard work.

GOLD STAR AWARD – June 2019 Make every step count!!

This month’s Gold Star Award goes to Carol Powell! Carol has demonstrated over the last few months that hard work can take you from no ability to walk, to now walking a few steps with a gutter frame and has proved that she is a long way of any form of plateau!! Carol Powell suffered [...]

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Parkinson’s……Why Wait?

Parkinson’s Disease is a neurodegenerative disorder which means a disorder that develops due to loss of brain cells over time. It specifically affects cells in the Basal ganglia which is the part of the brain that modulates movement. Traditionally, medication is the most common form of treatment for those with Parkinson’s Disease, however there is [...]

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