Come and join us live at 2pm on 29th April 2020, or access the recorded session by clicking on the button below to “take course”.

Once you have purchased the course you will be taken to a page that has the zoom link with the meeting ID and password to join the live streaming. Once the live stream is complete a recording of the session will be loaded to your course page within the following 24 hours.

You will need to purchase each weeks class individually, however once you have purchased a class you will have access to the live session and unlimited access to the recording through your individual account on this website.

Once you have purchased the course, which we recommend doing in advance from the live session at 2pm on 29th April, you access your purchase by logging in to the website in the top left corner. Entering your username and password and you will be taken to a list of the courses you have purchased.

Click on the relevant course you want to live stream or watch and that will take you to the unique zoom meeting link or the recorded session to watch.

If you missed a few weeks do not worry you can purchase the recording here at anytime.


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