Connect Neuro Physiotherapy is proud to provide this recorded live webinar presentation covering the latest evidence based approaches to the principles of exercise for Parkinson’s Disease. Highlighting the need to educate both the health professional and those living with Parkinson’s Disease that exercise is non negotiable and needs expert input.

Gilly Davy is a certified PD Warrior instructor and a co presenter of the PD Warrior course as well as a certified LSVT-BIG instructor. She was awarded the Australian Physiotherapy Association 2015 Ipsen Contribution to Neurological Physiotherapy. Gilly has recently relocated to Auckland (NZ) providing neurological physiotherapy consulting services after spending over 3 years working at the Advance Rehab Centre in Sydney which prides itself as Sydney’s leading neurological physiotherapy practice while it has launched PD Warrior in 2012. She has been significantly involved with the day to day practice of PD Warrior and has extensive experience in treating Parkinson’s Disease.

There is an urgent need to change how people with Parkinson’s Disease are being treated and how they are exercising. There has been building research and evidence over the last 5 years proving that there is neurological protective effects of particular ways of exercising and significant quality of life changing treatment approaches for Parkinson’s Disease.

This inspirational educational video covers:

  • Why the exercise and treatment approach to Parkinson’s Disease needs to change
  • The impact of sensory calibration change for people with Parkinson’s Disease
  • What the 7 key principles of exercise are
  • How you can incorporate the principles in your current exercise approach
  • An introduction into LSVT-BIG and PD Warrior therapy programs.

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Course Materials

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