The Details:

When: Mondays at 10:30am to 11:30am

Where: Sir Owen G. Glenn National Aquatic Center at AUT Millennium

Group Size: 6 participants to 1 therapist

What else do I need to know: The pool has disabled changing rooms and a chair host to access the pool if the vertical steps prove to be tricky. The pool ranges from 1m to 1.2m in depth and is approximately 28 degrees. Please wear suitable swim wear for a group class and bring your own towel.

Why is Hydrotherapy beneficial:

  • Buoyancy and weightlessness assists your movements
  • The drag and turbulence of the water creates resistance to strength train against
  • The hydrostatic pressure can assist with swelling and low blood pressure
  • Pain relieving affects of water

How is Hydrotherapy going to assist you on your rehab journey:

  • Rehabilitation in water has been used for 1000’s of years due to not only the healing properties of water but also the elements of buoyancy, resistance and turbulence that the water provides.
  • Due to the safety of the buoyancy of the water you can challenge your balance retraining much further than on land
  • The buoyancy also allows you to train ballistically and plyometrically without concern of injury or falling
  • The resistance of the water means that you will have a significant cardiovascular workout as well as strength training
  • The variation that hydrotherapy can provide to your day to day rehab can significantly impact your neuroplastic training.
  • The group setting will not only provide motivation and support but you will meet inspirational individuals as they strive onwards and upwards on their own journey.

Group Training

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