PD principlesWhat is it?

KICK start Parkinson’s is an intensive goal specific individualised six week Parkinson’s specific program

KICK start Parkinson’s delivers:

  • The seven core principles of exercise specific to Parkinson’s disease
  • Treatment based on PD Warrior and LSVT-BIG approaches
  • Individual progressive home exercise program
  • Challenging and diverse live exercise sessions
  • Weekly challenge tasks and visual affirmations directed towards your goals
  • In depth education on neuroprotection, neuroplasticity and rehabilitation


  • Inspiration, coaching and personal accountability to make positive change
  • To have the confidence that you are doing something to slow down your Parkinson’s
  • The treatment plan and knowledge to self manage your condition going forward

This program is designed to inspire you and give you the power of self management

3 Different Options:

A. The Ultimate –  1 hour session twice a week for 6 weeks – total of 12 hours = $1430 includes one free session

B. The Consistent – 30 minute session twice a week for 6 weeks – total of 6 hours = $880 includes one free session

C. The Starter – 1 hour session once a week for 6 weeks – total of 6 hours = $720 save $60