What is it?

LSVT-BIG is a Parkinson’s Disease specific 4 week intensive movement program consisting of 16 sessions.

LSVT-BIG delivers:

  • An intensive evidence based protocol program from the United States
  • A combination of standardised core exercises and individualised functional exercises
  • An individual progressive home exercise program
  • Challenging and diverse live exercise sessions


  • Improvement in motor function and quality of life
  • Faster walking with bigger steps
  • Improved balance and flexibility
  • Inspiration, coaching and personal accountability to make positive change
  • The treatment plan and knowledge to self manage your condition going forward

This program is designed to dramatically improve your movement and quality of life

One option:

LSVT-BIG = 4 weeks of 4 one hour sessions a week. Totalling 16 sessions = Costs $1950 (save $130)

*LSVT-BIG is a licensed program and can only be delivered in this intensity, however if you are interested but unsure if you have the enough time for the program check out our KICK Start Parkinson’s Disease Program instead.

For more information on LSVT-BIG check out their website www.LSVTGlobal.com