This talk is designed to educate you on the latest evidence based rehabilitation for Multiple Sclerosis. You will be introduced to the core principles of exercise specific to MS and how to practically implement them. The latest evidence is directing a significant change in the historical approach to MS and exercise. We will also discuss how to overcome the common barriers to exercise for MS and the exciting possibilities of the neuroprotective effects of exercise.

Gilly Davy from Connect Neuro Physiotherapy, is a Sydney based senior neurological physiotherapist and is an expert in the exciting new advances in the treatment approach to MS. She is the founder and clinical lead of the MS Get a Head Start Program. Which is a 6 week intensive hydrotherapy program with a strong emphasis on education and self-empowerment.  This talk is designed for the public and health care professionals alike.

If you have MS you will learn the best exercise approach to maximise your potential. As a health professional practitioner you will learn the most effective evidence based treatment for your MS clients.

This talk has sold out already this year at earlier venues!!!



VENUE: Hackney Hotel, 95 Hackney Road, Hackney, Adelaide

Cost: $25

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