The Details:

When: Mondays at 11:30am to 12:30pm

Where: Connect Neuro Physiotherapy Clinic at HealthZone in AUT Millennium

Group Size: 3 participants to 1 therapist

What else do I need to know: This is a unique small group setting focused on creating neuroplastic change from high repetition task specific exercises. Each program is tailored to the individual although based in a group setting you will be trained to your personal needs.

How will the Neuro Group assist you on your rehab journey:

  • Evidence based focused exercise prescription specific to your goals
  • Focus on achieving 300 repetitions per training session to build positive neuroplastic changes in your brain
  • Utilising a wide range of specialised equipment
  • Keep your training interesting and varied with constant new exercises and challenges
  • The group setting will not only provide motivation and support but you will meet inspirational individuals as they strive onwards and upwards on their own journey.
  • Group Training

    Life Changing