A 1 Day Workshop that will change your life!

If you have recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in the last few months or last few years and still have many unanswered questions…..especially around how you could be proactively managing the disease. This is the perfect day for you.

What the Workshop will deliver:

  • Education and information based on the global Parkinson’s program PD Warrior
  • You will be educated on how exercise is NEUROACTIVE for Parkinson’s
  • Learn how you can take control of your Parkinson’s and start that day in making life changing actions to slow the progression of the disease
  • You will spend a full day with one of New Zealand’s most experienced Parkinson Disease neurological physiotherapists – Gilly Davy
  • You will have the opportunity to ask many of your unanswered questions about Parkinson’s
  • A small group / workshop environment limited to 6 individuals enabling a supportive environment while still maintaining an individualised approached
  • You will be assessed and informed what type of Parkinson’s you have regarding a therapeutic treatment approach
  • You will be set up with an initial home exercise program specifically tailored to your presentation and part of the PD Warrior approach
  • You will be supplied with you own PD Warrior 10 week challenge manual and informed how you can participate in a 10 week challenge to change the course of your Parkinson’s.

These workshops provide the cutting edge evidence based approach to Parkinson’s treatment

There is very limited numbers allowed on each workshop – so do not miss out

Workshop Details:

Next Workshop: 30th April 2019

Next Workshop: 15th August 2019

Time: 10am to 4pm

Location: AUT Millennium, 17 Antares Place, Rosedale, Auckland

Cost: $250 per person with PD – you can bring a support person (partner / family etc for free)