The Details:

When: Wednesdays 1:30pm to 2:30pm

Where: Connect Neuro Physiotherapy Clinic at HealthZone in AUT Millennium – based on the running track or walking the local area

Group Size: 8 participants to 1 therapist

What else do I need to know: Initial trial poles can be provided and then you can purchase your poles from us. You are welcome to bring your own poles with you if you have poles that have a combination of a rubber foot and a sharp metal foot, as we will be on different surfaces. Do not worry if the weather is bad as we have appropriate indoor space as well.

Why is Nordic Walking beneficial:

  • Total Body training, utilising the legs, arms and core
  • Excellent high repetition gait specific retraining
  • Dual tasking
  • Increased stability with poles
  • Increased cardiovascular workout compared to normal walking

How will the Nordic Walking Group assist you on your rehab journey:

  • Nordic Walking is a great rehab tool to assist you with your gait training, this might be increasing your upper limb swing with Parkinson’s, evening out your step length post stroke, providing you stability or assisting with neuromuscular fatigue with your MS for example.
  • A high step count class to work on your fitness and walking stamina as well
  • The group setting will not only provide motivation and support but you will meet inspirational individuals as they strive onwards and upwards on their own journey.

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