Access to experienced senior therapists can be difficult due to many reasons such as location, costs, waiting list etc. Connect Neuro Physiotherapy can assist you from the comfort of your own home using real time video conferencing.

KNOWLEDGE = POWER The more that you understand and know about your condition the more you can do to improve or maintain your quality of life.

Offering an individualised approach to your specific condition and situation. An online consultation is exactly what you need if :-

  • You are newly diagnosed?
  • You are not sure how or if a neurological physiotherapist could help you?
  • You are unsure what type of exercise you should be doing?
  • Your symptoms have changed?
  • You are unsure if you are doing the right exercise for you?
  • You are not able to access a neurological physiotherapist?
  • You are trying to gather as much information as you can on your diagnosis?
  • You are on a waiting list for rehabilitation or your rehabilitation has finished?
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Exercise is medicine for your body. If you have a neurological condition and are not currently exercising or participating in regular physical activity you are potentially increasing your risk of further complications. Online therapy sessions cannot replace hands on therapy interaction, however you may not be able to access specialist neurological therapy in your area or you may be unsure if it’s what you need at this stage. Online consultations are perfectly designed to fill the current gap in therapy services.

What will be covered in the online consultations 

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