Because you are an individual so is your rehabilitation program, we provided a range of different options to suit your situation and goals. These will be discussed on your initial consultation and a plan can be developed.

Intensive Programs:

KICK Start ProgramsREBOOT ProgramsLSVT-BIG Online
   Six week intensiveFour week intensive once completed a KICK start programFour week intensive
Goal specific program to inspire you and give you the power of self-managment

Also available are condition specific programs;

KICK Start Parkinson’s Disease program

KICK Start Multiple Sclerosis program

KICK Start Cervical Dystonia program

Will get you back on track and move forwards to achieving more goals and progressionsParkinson’s Disease specific 4 week intensive movement program consisting of 16 one hour sessions.

Designed to dramatically improve your movement and quality of life.

Standard Packages:

Get GoingIntensiveTouching Base
The perfect way to start if you are time restricted or unsureProviding you the opportunity to decide on your on program intensityIdeal to ensure you stay on track over the year
Includes 3 one hour appointments to be completed within 1 month.6 one hour appointments over any intensity that suits you.Monitor your progress with a 1 hour review and treatment session at 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.

All packages and programs that are prepaid will save you money!!