Peer reviewing is a vital necessity for physiotherapists and many health professionals to maintain, expand and improve their skill set and monitor best practice.

It is essential often for annual Continuing Professional Development requirements for professional registration.

However it can be hard to either receive a peer review or provide one when you are in a busy clinic or hospital, private
practice or lone independent working.

Connect Neuro Physiotherapy provides both a reviewing and reviewer service;Be able to Receive rehabilitation anywhere

Peer Reviewing

  • Online – live, recorded or even face to face (depending on your location)
  • Perfect to brainstorm difficult / problem clients
  • Ensure that you are providing the best clinical practice to your clients
  • Consultations of up to 1 hour can be reviewed
  • Up to a 30 minute debrief and education session to discuss the session
  • Documented on our peer review paper work for your CPD evidence

Be inspired to provide the best outcomes for your clients and continue to grow yourself

Peer Reviewer

  • Online – live, recorded or even face to face (depending on your location)
  • Watch Gilly provide either an online consultation or face to face session
  • A perfect opportunity to sit back and watch a senior therapist work from the comfort of your home
  • Up to a 30 minute debrief session  to discuss the session


This service has been designed for all levels of professional from students to the senior clinician, after the session you choose how much you feel the session was worth and pay that!! No questions asked