Connect Neuro Physiotherapy provide specialised neurological physiotherapy assessment and treatment clinics in rural or country areas that may not be able to access theses specialised services. These clinics provide the unique opportunity to have a full neurological assessment and treatment plan prescribed.

We strongly recommend booking in for not only an assessment but a follow up session as well to really maximise the benefits. To ensure continuation of care your personalised rehabilitation program and education can be progressed by continuing on with either an intensive online consultation package or a few online reviews over the forthcoming year.

Up Coming Satellite Clinics

3rd to 5th May 2018Blenheim- NZChurchill Private Hospital – Blenheim

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To find out more about why our satellite clinics are needed and who are they for read this blog post

Do you want to host a Satellite Clinic in your area?

All that is required for a satellite clinic to run is space in a clinic or private clinic room, an ideal setting is a normal physiotherapy practice or medical practice. Everything else is supplied and organised by Connect Neuro Physiotherapy.

If you are interested in hosting a specialised neurological satellite clinic then please contact us.