neuro quoteWhat is it?

REBOOT is an intensive four week neurological treatment program to get you back on track and achieve your goals following one of our KICK Start programs

REBOOT delivers:

  • The support, stimulation and encouragement to reengaged or continue to progress
  • Review of your progression to date and new goal planning to aid further progression
  • Condition specific treatment
  • Individual progressive home exercise program
  • Challenging and diverse live exercise sessions
  • Weekly challenge tasks and visual affirmations directed towards your goals
  • Review of education and understanding of neuroplasticity and neuroprotection


  • Inspiration, coaching and personal accountability to make positive change
  • The treatment plan and knowledge to self manage your condition going forward

This program is designed to get you back on track 

3 Different Options:

A. The Ultimate Reboot –  1 hour session twice a week for 4 weeks – total of 8 hours = $960 save $80

B. The Consistent Reboot – 30 minute session twice a week for 4 weeks – total of 4 hours = $600 save $40

C. The Get Back on Track Reboot – 1 hour session once a week for 4 weeks – total of 4 hours = $500 save $20