Our Why

“Simply, I have a thirst and drive to make a difference to someone’s life”

Our Vision

To provide an inspiring level of excellence in neurological physiotherapy services to impact those in neurological rehabilitation”

Our Aim

“To educate, empower and enhance the quality of life for those living with a neurological condition”

Connect Neuro Physiotherapy is a consulting neurological physiotherapy company developed by lead clinician and owner Gilly Davy, driven to impact lives through the different services we offer. Aiming to raise the bar in neurological rehabilitation not only for those on the recieving end but also to support other health professionals providing neurological rehabilitation.

Connect Neuro Physiotherapy was established in 2013 initially as one of the first ever private neurological physiotherapy providers of online telerehabilitation. Gilly had observed a huge disparity between the standard of rehab services you received compared to where you lived. In a developed country this was unacceptable, so Gilly did something about it by launching Connect Neuro Physiotherapy. She started the Auckland based face to face clinic in 2016 once she returned from Australia. The company made a significant change in 2021 by growing, after Gilly had worked for several years with a significant wait-list she decided it was time to expand the services of the company to allow a great opportunity for those living with a neurological condition to access the highest standards in neurological rehabilitation.

We provide a range of services directly for the individual and also to health professionals to support the improvement in quality of life and neurological rehabilitation throughout the world.

Gilly Davy

Do you have a desire to help change the lives of those living with a neurological condition?

If you have neurological rehab experience and are interested in joining our inspiring team then please send a cover letter and CV to Gilly