Connect Neuro Physiotherapy provides the opportunity for people with neurological conditions to access the specialised services they deserve. And provides the chance for health professionals to develop and expand their neurological rehabilitation skills and services.

With over twelve years of experience working as a physiotherapist in several different countries, I have observed the same gap in health care services over and over. How do you access the most experienced specialised medical professional if you do not live in a major city and near these services. Everyone should have the same opportunity to access the latest evidence based approaches to medical and rehabilitation treatment. At the same time the world is becoming smaller and more accessible with faster easier access to the internet. Connect Neuro Physiotherapy has been created to help fill the gap, access neurological rehabilitation utilising the internet.

We provide a range of services directly for the individual and also to health professionals to support the improvement in quality of life and neurological rehabilitation throughout the world. Our services include;

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Our Vision

To provide an inspiring level of excellence best practice neurological physiotherapy services both hands on and via online telerehab

Our Aim

To educate, empower and enhance the quality of life for those living with a neurological condition with a client centred approach. Empowering self-management and facilitate learning for health professionals. Using evidence based best practice principals as well as utilising modem day technology