Connect Neuro Physiotherapy aims to provide best practice educational material designed to help and inspire both the health professional and someone living with a neurological condition.

Educational Videos

Nordic Walking Instructor Modules

International Nordic Walking Association Accredited Course


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Nordic Walking is a valuable gait rehabilitation tool and people with neurological conditions do require specialist attention when training. The modules aim to provide;

  • Increased opportunity internationally for people with neurological conditions to participate in NW
  • Increased confidence and skill level of NW instructors
  • Detail how to apply the INWA 10 step teaching process

The modules cover the following:-

  • Specific rehabilitation tips including the latest evidence behind neurological protection and exercise
  • How the INWA 10 step teaching method can be applied
  • Basic pathology of the condition
  • Classic clinical presentation
  • Exercise benefits
  • Risks associated with exercising
  • Potential Nordic walking benefits
  • Why Progression and technical gains in this population can be slow

Prerequisites:  The only prerequisite for participants in this course is to be a qualified, currently registered INWA instructor who has completed the “INWA 10 steps” course.


With every Nordic Walking Module purchased you will also be able to download a free Screening Tool specific for the neurological condition module you have purchased and a Gait Assessment Check List!!