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Gilly Davy is passionate about helping people reach their true potential and improve their quality of life through physiotherapy for neurological rehabilitation. View Profile

GOLD STAR AWARD – August 2019 – Practice Pays Off

Our August Gold Star Award is proudly awarded to Gina for her dedication to her rehab and exercise program. She is a true example that practice and hard works pays off! Gina started with us in April 2019 following a brain hemorrhage in July 2018, she had completed long stints of rehab as an inpatient [...]

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LIVE RECORDING – Intensity of Rehab needed to Drive Change

Neuro rehabilitation is challenging, and driving change and assisting people to achieve their goals does not always work out.....WHY? There are many reasons why, but one really fundamental reason is how intensive rehabilitation needs to be to drive neurological changes within the brain and nervous system. Watch this 1 hour presentation that discuss the intensity [...]

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GOLD STAR AWARD – July 2019 – Creating positive life impacting habits

Our July Gold Star award is proudly given to the extremely inspirational Brad!! Brad sustained a significant Tetraplegic spinal cord injury in 2014. We have had the pleasure of working with Brad since January 2018, who has been a pure inspiration to us and we wanted to share his 100 day standing challenge journey. Brad [...]

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GOLD STAR AWARD – May 2019 – The importance of standing

This is our first Gold Star award!! The Gold Star award is our opportunity to acknowledge the amazing achievements and inspirational lives that our clients lead. Our first award goes to the fabulous Lee! Lee has been working with us since 2016, he has been an inspiration for the start. Lee broke his spine [...]

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Exercise is Medicine Presentation – Watch the full recording

I had the pleasure of being invited as a guest speaker at the Parkinson's Australian Capital Territory Seminar in November and it was very kindly (and professionally) recorded. So as Christmas present to all, here is the full length recording of the talk provided. It covers the reasons why exercise is non negotiable for individuals [...]

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Receiving Neurological Rehab via Telehealth returned me to sport

Here is a great client story about the impact of receiving neurological rehab via telehealth, which people still ask "does it actually work". James let's us know about his story and his return to maximising his life once more. My name is James Taylor, I’m a high-school teacher. I live in Ceduna (Australia) and I [...]

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My Opinion on driving Neuroplasticity

I was recently interviewed to give my opinions on driving neuroplascitiy in neurological rehabiliation for Physiotherapy New Zealand's monthly newsletter. Here is what I had to say in full, and a copy of the article that went to print is attached at the bottom of this post; How do you optimise skill development with your [...]

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Review of keynote presentation at Auckland MS Research Day

I was extremely grateful for the invitation by the Auckland Multiple Sclerosis society to present as a key note speaker at their annual research day in Auckland in April 2017. The reason why I am really grateful is that I cherish any opportunity to stand up and share my knowledge directly with those it impacts [...]

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