This months gold star award goes to Simo, Simo could have received this award from the first couple of months working together, however working hard is so strongly ingrained into Simo’s philosophy of life it just seems to be second nature for him to give rehab his all.

However that should not take away from the sheer dedication this client has shown towards his goal. Simo unfortunately sustained a C5 spinal cord injury in March 2019 while in the surf. I first had the privilege of meeting Simo at the Auckland spinal unit in August 2019 after his amazing wife had contacted me earlier in the month. My first impression was…this could be exciting as a C5 he had normal hand function and some sensation in his legs which meant his injury was not a fully complete break. But he did not have any selective muscle activity below his arms.

For the past 18 months Simo has worked towards completing up to 5 hours of rehabilitation a day!!

Simo his set his goal and his ambition high, he can be attending therapy sessions up to four times a week and rarely skips a session at the clinic or at home. Every one to two weeks there are small but noticeable improvements in his physical capabilities and which muscles he feels he can activate. He is always in great spirits during his sessions and aids the motivation of other clients at the clinic.

You can see some of Simo’s progress in the video below. There is still a very long road of recovery that lays in front, although I do believe that if anyone is going to achieve their goal through determination and hard work……one day I truly hope Simo does and we will be there helping every step of the way.