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Who would benefit from online neurological physiotherapy?

Do you have a neurological condition? or know someone that does? If so online physiotherapy consultations could be ideal for you, especially if: You are newly diagnosed? You are not sure how or if a neurological physiotherapist could help you? You are unsure what type of exercise you should be doing? Your symptoms have changed? You are [...]

Want to know a little more about me – Gilly Davy?

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by a good friend of mine Jacinda Wilhelmina, who is an online wellness coach to find out a little bit more about me, neurological physiotherapy and why Connect Neuro Physiotherapy has been set up. This was a friendly relaxed interview and hopefully gives you a little insight into my [...]

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What is Connect Neuro Physiotherapy all about?

I am ecstatic to announce the launch of Connect Neuro Physiotherapy! This has been a brain child of mine for at least the last 4 years and I am so proud and excited for the services to now be available. As I have worked as a senior neurological physiotherapist in several countries it has become [...]

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