I am ecstatic to announce the launch of Connect Neuro Physiotherapy!

This has been a brain child of mine for at least the last 4 years and I am so proud and excited for the services to now be available. As I have worked as a senior neurological physiotherapist in several countries it has become more and more obvious about the disparity in access to health care. I truly believe that everyone should have the ability to access highly skilled specialised services no matter if you live in a major city or out in the middle of the countryside miles away from services.

Connect Neuro Physiotherapy has been developed to enhance the opportunity for people with neurological conditions to access specialist evidence based rehabilitation through online neurological physiotherapy consultations and elearning modules. Knowledge equals power and this site including the blog aims to educate, empower and enhance the quality of life for people with neurological conditions.

The vision of Connect Neuro Physiotherapy is:

To provide world wide access to personalised evidence based neurological rehabilitation.

Watch this space for a wealth of information and don’t forget you can stay up to date with whats on by following the Facebook page.