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Finding the confidence to exercise again with Multiple Sclerosis

80% of people living with MS struggle with fatigue as one of their main reported symptoms, which can hugely impact on not only their ability but also their confidence to exercise. Although we understand that exercise is vital for those with MS to help maintain strength, flexibility, function and mental well-being to mention just a [...]

Building a stronger network

Neurological rehabilitation is a specialised area of medicine and health with many different expert professionals involved all striving towards one common goal..... To improve the quality of life of the individual living with the neurological condition. Health models have presented for decades that close team work with good communication and a client centered approach are [...]

What is LSVT BIG?

If you have not yet heard of LSVT and its influential impact on the quality of lives of people with Parkinson Disease here is your chance.  LSVT stands for Lee Silverman Voice Treatment known as LSVT LOUD, which was developed in 1987 as an effective speech treatment for individuals with Parkinson disease. Due to its successful treatment [...]

Neuroplasticity….can the brain change itself?

The discovery that the brain and the body have the ability to restore old pathways and create new pathways revolutionised the medical and rehabilitation fields. The neural system in the brain is "plastic" which means it has the ability to re module itself, known as neuroplasticity. By forming new neural connections, this can compensate for injury [...]

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Who would benefit from online neurological physiotherapy?

Do you have a neurological condition? or know someone that does? If so online physiotherapy consultations could be ideal for you, especially if: You are newly diagnosed? You are not sure how or if a neurological physiotherapist could help you? You are unsure what type of exercise you should be doing? Your symptoms have changed? You are [...]

Want to know a little more about me – Gilly Davy?

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by a good friend of mine Jacinda Wilhelmina, who is an online wellness coach to find out a little bit more about me, neurological physiotherapy and why Connect Neuro Physiotherapy has been set up. This was a friendly relaxed interview and hopefully gives you a little insight into my [...]

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What is Connect Neuro Physiotherapy all about?

I am ecstatic to announce the launch of Connect Neuro Physiotherapy! This has been a brain child of mine for at least the last 4 years and I am so proud and excited for the services to now be available. As I have worked as a senior neurological physiotherapist in several countries it has become [...]

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