Do you have a neurological condition? or know someone that does?

If so online physiotherapy consultations could be ideal for you, especially if:

You are newly diagnosed?
You are not sure how or if a neurological physiotherapist could help you?
You are unsure what type of exercise you should be doing?
Your symptoms have changed?
You are unsure if you are doing the right exercise for you?
You are not able to access a neurological physiotherapist?
You are trying to gather as much information as you can on your diagnosis?
You are on a waiting list for rehabilitation or your rehabilitation has finished?


It does not matter what type of neurological condition you have been diagnosed with as I have a wealth of experience in treating a wide range of conditions include lots of extremely rare conditions. No matter what your condition is exercise and maintaining your brain and body health is vital and sometimes you just may need some experienced direction in this.

Connect Neuro Physiotherapy offers an individualised approach to your specific neurological condition and situation, to find out more please contact us