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What does a neurological orthotist do?

Do you know to the full extent what a neurological orthotist does and how the input in your rehabilitation can be absolutely vital for you to maximise your outcomes. I have had the pleasure of working alongside Bernard Badorrek from Orthomotion for several years now and I am often inspired by his analysis skills and [...]

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Online Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

When most people think of physiotherapy, they think of sporting injuries, sore backs, someone running out onto a sports field with an ice bucket etc. Well physiotherapy is much more diverse than that with many different areas of specialty, all striving towards improving quality of life. Here at Connect Neuro Physiotherapy we provide neurological physiotherapy, [...]

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Why is clinical supervision so important?

The world of physiotherapy and medicine is moving at a phenomenal rate with increasing levels of research, interventions, technology and accessibility.  To keep up to date and to ensure you are delivering the best clinical practice you can, you need to be challenged, driven and open to change. Clinical supervision is designed to inspire you [...]

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Want to change the quality of life for someone…become a neurological physiotherapist

It is a common starting point to ask someone what they do for work, you often find you get a varied response, those really interesting answers of something usually, or something you have never heard of. What is most interesting is the small number of people who turn round with a smile on their face [...]

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