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The importance of non-motor symptoms in the diagnoses of Parkinson’s disease – Conference feedback from Asso Prof Simon Lewis

There is currently no way to make a definitive diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, it is a clinical diagnoses from your overall presentation using clinical testing and questioning. This was historically only based on the motor symptom presentation which would include at least two of the following; Bradykinesia Resting tremor Rigidity Postural instability Following post mortem [...]

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Ipsen Award for Achievement in Neurological Physiotherapy 2015

I am absolutely ecstatic, humbled and very proud to have been awarded the Australian Physiotherapy Association 2015 Special Commendation for achievement in neurological physiotherapy. I would like to take this opportunity to thank two inspirational clients who shared their rehabilitation story, as it was their achievements that provided me with the nomination for the award. [...]

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Neurological Satellite Clinics – What and Who are they for?

Why are they needed? Neurological physiotherapy is a specialised area of physiotherapy and many people are unaware of the vast benefits available to them until they meet one. You may have been referred or recommended to see a neurological physiotherapist however you may find that there is none in your local area. Unfortunately there is [...]

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Neurological Physiotherapy and why this is so important for Dystonia

Neurological physiotherapy is a specialised category of physiotherapy and are experts in creating neuroplasticity (which is the ability of the brain and spinal cord to remodel and develop new pathways) and retraining the brain. All graduate physiotherapy schools teach basic neurological rehabilitation and then therapists can choose to specialise in the area of neurological physiotherapy [...]

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Neuro Physiotherapy – ABC local radio interview

Gilly Davy had the pleasure of being interviewed by the Australian local radio network prior to one of the neurological satellite clinics that Connect Neuro Physiotherapy were running. The discussion was based around what a neurological physiotherapist does, some great exposure for the profession. Click on the link below  

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Nordic Walking can change your brain

Did you know that Nordic Walking can assist in protecting your brain from aging! Not only is Nordic Walking a fantastic option for cardiorespiratory fitness, it also is an excellent gait rehabilitation tool for those living with a neurological condition and it can offer neurological protection. Connect Neuro Physiotherapy were asked to present a talk on the [...]

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The impact and importance of sleep on Multiple Sclerosis – South Australia MS forum feedback – Bel Cobcorft Occupational Therapist

Getting adequate sleep of 7 – 8 hours a night is vital for mental and physical repair and wellbeing a daily necessity that many people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) struggle with. Sleep is needed to; […]

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The Value, Impact and Accessibility of Online Neurological Physiotherapy video– National Parkinson’s Disease Conference feedback 2015

Connect Neuro Physiotherapy was given the opportunity to showcase the development and the public need to more accessible access to the specialised skills of neurological physiotherapist at the 2015 Australian National Parkinson’s Disease Conference in Adelaide. The poster was well received by the audience. The poster also had a supporting 5 minute video on the [...]

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Neuroplasticity – The principles you need to know

Do you know how to clinical influence the ability for your clients to neuroplastically develop and improve? Well first of all you need to understand the key principles of neuroplasticity and then be able to fundamentally implement them. Our next presentation will cover these key elements in Auckland on the 14th May. This talk will [...]

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