I am absolutely ecstatic, humbled and very proud to have been awarded the Australian Physiotherapy Association 2015 Special Commendation for achievement in neurological physiotherapy.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank two inspirational clients who shared their rehabilitation story, as it was their achievements that provided me with the nomination for the award. I would also like to say a BIG thank you to Advance Rehab Centre in Sydney where I was working for their fantastic facilities, support, opportunities and desire to always achieve the highest of standards.IPSEN Award 2015

The two clients had very different stories and achievements which helped to show the depth of what neurological physiotherapy can assist with. Client X is an incomplete paraplegic after being hit off his bicycle 27 years ago who has achieved an outstanding list of sporting accolades. However his dream was not only to walk again but to be able to run! This dream was achieved following six months of working together. He had been fitted with state of the art carbon fiber custom made orthotics from Darren Pereira at Neuromuscular Orthotics. Following six months of intensive rehab client X is so comfortable walking he hardly uses his wheelchair now and even achieved running on a treadmill in a body weight support harness. He has an outstanding level of motivation and drive.

Client Y had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and came instantly for a neurological physiotherapy assessment. She  returned for rehab one year later to join the Advance Rehab Centre’s MS Get a Head Start program, a six week intensive hydrotherapy program with educational components promoting self management. Since diagnoses client Y has not only managed her MS but has improved on all her outcome measures continuously over the past two years. This has proven to her and those around her that she can take a proactive approach to the management of MS.

Again I would like to show my gratitude of being able to work in a profession that allows me to meet and work with inspirational individuals who are often working through a tough journey and also a special thank you to the whole team at the Advance Rehab Centre.

special commendation Gilly Davey