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LIVE RECORDING – Intensity of Rehab needed to Drive Change

Neuro rehabilitation is challenging, and driving change and assisting people to achieve their goals does not always work out.....WHY? There are many reasons why, but one really fundamental reason is how intensive rehabilitation needs to be to drive neurological changes within the brain and nervous system. Watch this 1 hour presentation that discuss the intensity [...]

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GOLD STAR AWARD – July 2019 – Creating positive life impacting habits

Our July Gold Star award is proudly given to the extremely inspirational Brad!! Brad sustained a significant Tetraplegic spinal cord injury in 2014. We have had the pleasure of working with Brad since January 2018, who has been a pure inspiration to us and we wanted to share his 100 day standing challenge journey. Brad [...]

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PD Warrior Launch Night

We had a great night at the end of July where we hosted an informal evening about PD Warrior. We had the pleasure of Sarah Hopkins from Hibiscus Neuro Physiotherapy helping to organise and present during the evening. The PD Warrior program continues to produce results in individual's with Parkinson Disease that blow me away, [...]

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