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FREE Online course on the management of Spinal Cord Injuries

SCIMOOC - Spinal Cord Injuries Massive Open Online Course is having a repeat after its highly successful first role out about 18 months ago. I completed the course on its first round and found that it offered an excellent level of information for anyone new to treating SCI or needing a refresher or wanting to [...]

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How important is REST and the role of the parasympathetic nervous system

How much time do you put a side to rest each day? How important is rest to our neurological system? How do you actually create balance in your life? I had the great pleasure of briefly meeting the author of REST: a science and an art, Ros Broome, after one of my educational evening talks. She [...]

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Neurological Physiotherapists Role in Prevention and Neuroprotection

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (UK) chief executive Karen Middleton delivered a strong message during the recent inaugural international neuro physiotherapy conference, held in London from 17-18 March. She advocated how neurological physiotherapists have a  leading role in prevention, self management and self referral of the aging population as well as those with a diagnosed neurological [...]

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Its WORLD Parkinson’s Disease day – and we have plenty to share

Its world Parkinson's Disease day today the 11th of April, designed to increase awareness of this life changing neurological condition. Parkinson's Disease is a degenerative neurological condition which is due to the loss of the hormone called dopamine which is produced in the brain in the basal gangalia region. This can result in a wide [...]

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