Its world Parkinson’s Disease day today the 11th of April, designed to increase awareness of this life changing neurological condition.

Parkinson’s Disease is a degenerative neurological condition which is due to the loss of the hormone called dopamine which is produced in the brain in the basal gangalia region. This can result in a wide range of both physical and cognitive changes making an impact on someones quality of life. However there is plenty of help at hand! Neurological physiotherapists can provide neuroprotective individualised exercises and day to day advice that can dramatically improve someones quality of life with Parkinsons.

We have got three treats to wet your appetite today regarding the positive neuroprotective effects of exercise and Parkinsons, if you have Parkinsons or know someone who has, ensure you / they see a neurological physiotherapist who specialises in Parkinsons treatment. If you are unsure how or who then contact us.

FOR ONE DAY ONLY – 99 cent book

51qEiLP3cAL._SX341_BO1,204,203,200_ The insightful and educational book The New Parkinsons Treatment: Exercise is Medicine by Melissa McConaghy is available on Amazon download for only 0.99 cent. This fantastic price is only available today the 11th April.

Melissa McConaghy is the driver and co-founder behind PD Warrior the innovative neuroprotective Parkinsons specific exercise approach.

PD Warrior Coming to AucklandPDW

Connect Neuro Physiotherapy will be launching the first PD Warrior class in Auckland very soon, we are just in the process of finding a suitable venue and will be holding a open day for anyone to come and try this motivating neuroprotective exercise program and circuit class.

If you are interested in finding out more about PD Warrior in Auckland or anywhere across New Zealand please contact us

Its Not Funny Opening Night

If you are in Sydney you still have time to attend the Its Not Funny Opening Night tonight at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. Its Not Funny is an organisation that has been developed to help inspire those living with Parkinsons focusing on the positive and leading by example of sharing inspiring stories, of how people living with Parkinsons or working with people with Parkinsons have made a positive impact.

The opening night has a fantastic line up of speakers and has set out to;

“Raise awareness not only about Parkinson’s disease but also about the power of living positively in the face of an illness or disability”