Connect Neuro Physiotherapy was given the opportunity to showcase the development and the public need to more accessible access to the specialised skills of neurological physiotherapist at the 2015 Australian National Parkinson’s Disease Conference in Adelaide. The poster was well received by the audience.

The poster also had a supporting 5 minute video on the evidence based core principles of exercise for Parkinson’s Disease.

The conference was an excellence success show casing the importance of exercise in the management of Parkinson’s disease as well as the latest developments in medical research. Some of these will be detailed further in future blog posts, so stay in touch.

However there was little allied health verbal presentations and an occurring question from the public and those who are living with Parkinson’s about who else should they be including in their overall care. This highlighted a defiant need for neurological physiotherapists as well as other allied health members to promote their knowledge, expertise and existence.

The conference also supported the National Dystonia Conference for 1 day as well, which saw International speaker and physiotherapist Jean-Pierre Belton presenting of Cervical Dystonia.

Click below to see a full version of the poster presented.