The world of physiotherapy and medicine is moving at a phenomenal rate with increasing levels of research, interventions, technology and accessibility.  To keep up to date and to ensure you are delivering the best clinical practice you can, you need to be challenged, driven and open to change.

Clinical supervision is designed to inspire you and give you the confidence to grow and develop professionally. It is helpful to be supervised by someone more experienced however this is not necessary. A skilled supervisor is able to challenge your clinical reasoning and thinking to still direct you towards self development and motivating.test

The physiotherapy industry has a large amount of private practice clinicians and independent workers. It is paramount that these individuals invest time into the supervision to ensure they are providing the best outcomes for their clients. Two heads are often better than one and opens you up to looking at something from a different perspective.


Many hospitals provide great supervision to their staff, however sometimes out sourcing this can provide further benefits bringing more options to the table.  The leading physiotherapists have a large “tool box” and are always expanding their knowledge and treatment approaches. As well as recognising their scope of practice and when to refer on.

To continue to learn, develop and provide the best meaningful outcomes to your clients, I strongly recommend both formal and informal supervision on a regular basis.

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