Neurological Physiotherapists……the specialists in neuroplasticity

So what is neurological physiotherapy......many people do not know that there are many different specialisations of physiotherapy. The most common being musculoskeletal/sports physiotherapy, who you will commonly see for that sore back, knee and general injuries. However there is many different specialisations including neurological physiotherapy, respiratory, pediatrics, orthopedic, women's health and hand therapy are some of [...]

Neuroplasticity….can the brain change itself?

The discovery that the brain and the body have the ability to restore old pathways and create new pathways revolutionised the medical and rehabilitation fields. The neural system in the brain is "plastic" which means it has the ability to re module itself, known as neuroplasticity. By forming new neural connections, this can compensate for injury [...]

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BDNF what is it?

BDNF……what is it? and why is it SO IMPORTANT for protecting and developing your brain Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factors (BDNF) is a protein chemical hormone which is secreted into the brain and the body. BDNF plays a significant role in increasing synaptic activity in the brain which in turn helps to maintain the function of [...]

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