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Using robot’s to treat Multiple Sclerosis – TVNZ News coverage REX bionics

I have been fortunate enough on my return to New Zealand last year to establish an ongoing building relationship with REX Bionics. It has been a really exciting journey together and I have been given the opportunity to really explore how something as technologically advanced as the REX can be utilised in clinical rehabilitation. I [...]

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LSVT- BIG Homework Helper video now available online

LSVT- BIG - an intensive amplitude based rehabilitation approach to Parkinsons Disease has now made its homework helper video available online. Which is a great way to access your exercises and keep you motivated to perform them daily. Now this video is for those who have completed the intensive LSVT-BIG program which is 16 one [...]

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BDNF what is it?

BDNF……what is it? and why is it SO IMPORTANT for protecting and developing your brain Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factors (BDNF) is a protein chemical hormone which is secreted into the brain and the body. BDNF plays a significant role in increasing synaptic activity in the brain which in turn helps to maintain the function of [...]

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