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This is a live recording from a recent lecture provided. It will stimulate your brain on how you can help  prevent the degeneration that happens with aging and also how you can drive positive neuroplastic changes to enhance you quality of life. This talk is essential to anyone and everyone.

You will be inspired and motivated to maximise your brain. Come and learn;

  • At what age and how quickly does the brain degenerate?
  • What does exercise do to the brain?
  • How you can slow down the affects of degeneration on the brain through exercise?
  • What are the principles around driving positive neuroplastic change
  • How can you incorporate these principles into your life or therapy
  • Be motivated to start exercising now and encouraging all of those around you to exercise

This talk will also discuss the latest evidence based principles of neuroplasticity. With the latest advances in rehabilitation the potential for positive change in neurological conditions is greater now than ever before. We will cover practical implementation of neuroplasticity and how and when motor relearning is achieved.

Designed for both Health Professionals and the Public.

By Published On: May 6th, 2018

About the Author: Gilly Davy

Gilly Davy is passionate about helping people reach their true potential and improve their quality of life through physiotherapy for neurological rehabilitation. View Profile