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Connect Neuro Physiotherapy is proud to provide this public and health professional  1 hour educational video covering the latest evidence based approaches to the core principles of exercise for Multiple Sclerosis. This recording was taken from a recent live webinar and highlighted the need to educate both the health professional and someone living with MS that the treatment of MS has changed.

Gilly Davy senior neurological physiotherapist and an expert in treating MS. She has been working at the Advance Rehab Centre in Sydney which prides itself as Sydney’s leading neurological physiotherapy practice, and has been the founder of the MS Get a Head Start Program.

There is an urgent need to increase exercise and physical activity levels in MS. There has been building research and evidence published proving that exercise can have neurological protective effects and can significantly improve quality of life and symptom presentation.

This inspirational educational video covers:

  • Why exercise is so important to the MS population
  • Breaks down the barriers to exercise with specific focus on fatigue and heat sensitivity
  • Covers the 6 core principles of exercise for MS
  • How you can incorporate the principles in your current exercise approach
  • An introduction into the MS Get a Head Start Program
By Published On: April 24th, 2015

About the Author: Gilly Davy

Gilly Davy is passionate about helping people reach their true potential and improve their quality of life through physiotherapy for neurological rehabilitation. View Profile