Recorded Webinar

Gait Series – PART 2:

The Knee and its role in gait

$22.95 NZ


This one hour webinar looking specifically at the role of the knee during the gait cycle, the talk will cover the following aspects in relation to neurological conditions:

  • Anatomy of the knee
  • Normal movement / involvement of the knee during gait
  • Common gait deviations
  • Treatment ideas for the knee

The overall aim, as with all of Gilly’s presentation is to provide you with clinical skills and ideas that you can implement into you day to day practice immediately.

There will be plenty of time for questions and open discussion as well regarding this specific area and its role in walking.

This is part of a 3 part series covering the pelvis and ankle as well – Please see either upcoming webinars or our online education page for recordings of these if you have missed them.

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