It is very common to forget to take your medication, however certain medications need to be taken at specific time and often several times throughout the day. You may have difficulties with your memory or you are concerned about a parent, friend, loved one who is not taking their medication regularly.

Well they is many products on the market now to assist you. One of these company’s is Tab Timer which specialises in medication reminder devices. One of their excellent products include:

Dispenserspill dispenser

An automated pill dispenser is designed for controlled medication release at set times during the day. They provide peace of mind by only delivering the required medication at the alarm time. A new product is the MedReady MR-357FL, which automatically dispenses pills and reports on compliance by sending either a SMS or email to a notified person. This is ideal for people with memory or cognitive impairment.

Other devices include vibrating watches and talking clocks.

Please take a look at the Tab timer website for more information on this extremely handy technology to assist in the administration
of the correct dosage of  medication at the correct time.