saebo flexLast week I completed my training to become a Saebo trained clinician, firstly I am sure you will be asking what is Saebo……..

Saebo is an American based company which is a leading global provider of innovative rehabilitation products for neurologically impaired individuals. The company has a range of products, with its most popular and most famous being the Saebo flex. The Saebo flex is a dynamic hand splint which holds the hand in an open position including bending the wrist back into extension. 

The Saebo flex is designed to increase grip strength as the client has to pull against a restive spring to grasp an item. However most importantly it allows the client to have a functional hand because the spring then helps the client to release and let go off and item. By being able to use the hand functionally with the Saebo flex on you are able to rehabilitate the rest of the upper limb. Saebo have developed a specific evidence based training program of how the Saebo flex should be used and it is this high repetition, mass practice, forced use program that helps achieve fantastic results in upper limb function.

I throughly enjoyed the course and know that this product will be able to make the difference to someones potential in being able to use their hand functionally again.

Watch this short video below