Connect Neuro Physiotherapy is really proud to announce that after 2 years of development the first of its online elearning modules has been officially launched and ready to be used.  The elearning modules use the web platform provided by LearnDash together with WordPress to provide a professional interactive learning opportunity. The modules are self paced and there is regular quizzes throughout the module to ensure information has been learnt and absorbed until you are allowed to progress to the next chapter.

The first module that is available is for the qualified Nordic Walking instructor on how to teach someone with Parkinson’s Disease to Nordic Walk. There is many physical and cognitive benefits for people with Parkinson’s Disease to gain from Nordic Walking, however to maximise the potential benefits it is vital that your instructor is educated about the conditions presentation and how they may need to modify their teaching approach.

This first module covers the following areas specific to Parkinson’s Disease;

  • Basic pathology of the condition
  • Classic clinical presentation
  • Exercise benefits
  • Risks associated with exercising
  • Potential Nordic walking benefits
  • Why Progression and technical gains in this population can be slow
  • Specific rehabilitation tips including the latest evidence behind neurological protection and exercise
  • How the INWA 10 step teaching method can be applied

Watch the video clip below to find out some more information specifc to the Nordic Walking modules and watch this space as several more modules will be launched through 2015.