PD Warrior is a revolutionary new exercise approach that has the potential to slow down the progression of your Parkinson’s Disease as well as improve your quality of life. As a certified instructor, the clinical lead and co presenter of the PD Warrior course I can firmly say that this approach can significantly change someone with Parkinson’s life within moments. The program was developed in 2012 and we are now seeing clients who two – three years later are still continuing to improve on their physical outcome measure scores and quality of life.

The program is designed by pulling together several main pillars of researched treatment approaches with Parkinson’s including; large amplitude training, forced use, dual tasking and high intensity work. With a large component of the program also focused around education and self management it really aims to empower the person living with Parkinson’s.

PD warrior is now offering instructor courses not only in Australia but also New Zealand and the UK this year. I will be joining Melissa McConaghy in Auckland to teach the course on 16th and 17th May. For more information click on the link below.


Course flyer Auckland 2015