There is an urgent need to change how people with Parkinson’s Disease are being treated and how they are exercising. Over the last 5 years there has been extremely strong research and evidence showing the neurological protective effects of exercise and specific quality of life changing treatment approaches for Parkinson’s Disease. These approaches include LSVT-BIG and PD Warrior.presenting

Connect Neuro Physiotherapy is proud to offer a 1 hour educational video on the principles of exercise for Parkinson’s Disease. The main information points in this talk was presented in Auckland, New Zealand in early November and highlighted the need to increase the education that the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease has changed.

People with Parkinson’s Disease need to be seen as soon as there are diagnosed and not to wait until impairments are affecting their day to day function. Neurological physiotherapy can significantly improve outcomes at every stage of Parkinson’s, however currently there is not enough emphasis on the newly diagnosed and mildly impaired.

The educational video highlights the reasons why the exercises approach to Parkinson Disease needs to change and the what the 7 principles of exercise are. The principles are discussed with an emphasis giving you the inspiration to make immediate changes to your current treatment or exercising approach.

If you treat clients with Parkinson’s Disease or you have Parkinson Disease yourself and are not sure about what the latest evidence is pointing towards regarding the fact that exercise is medicine than watch this online resource by clicking the button below.