About Jennifer Hewson

Jen Hewson is a Senior Neurological Physiotherapist at Connect Neuro Physiotherapy based on Auckland's North Shore.

Feeling Stuck? Read All About Freezing of Gait.

Freezing of gait is often seen in conditions such as Parkinson Disease. It is an abrupt and unintentional interruption in gait progression, and happens when someone has difficulty starting or maintaining an effective stepping sequence. People often describe freezing of gait as feeling like their feet are stuck in mud or glue. It is a [...]

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GOLD STAR AWARD – April 2021 – Dedication and hard work

This month's Gold Star Award goes to Manish. Manish contacted us in March 2021, just after being discharged from Auckland Hospital. Manish unfortunately suffered a stroke in February 2021, and as a result lost a lot of strength and selective movement on his left side. At that time Manish had been wearing and AFO brace [...]

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Getting going after a Stroke

You’ve had a stroke. Now what? Most people who have had a stroke, spend a couple weeks to months in the hospital receiving rehabilitation therapy. After this short time, they are discharged with little to no follow up. Many people are even under the impression that they can expect to see recovery during the first [...]

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