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Gilly Davy is passionate about helping people reach their true potential and improve their quality of life through physiotherapy for neurological rehabilitation. View Profile

Receiving Neurological Rehab via Telehealth returned me to sport

Here is a great client story about the impact of receiving neurological rehab via telehealth, which people still ask "does it actually work". James let's us know about his story and his return to maximising his life once more. My name is James Taylor, I’m a high-school teacher. I live in Ceduna (Australia) and I [...]

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My Opinion on driving Neuroplasticity

I was recently interviewed to give my opinions on driving neuroplascitiy in neurological rehabiliation for Physiotherapy New Zealand's monthly newsletter. Here is what I had to say in full, and a copy of the article that went to print is attached at the bottom of this post; How do you optimise skill development with your [...]

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Review of keynote presentation at Auckland MS Research Day

I was extremely grateful for the invitation by the Auckland Multiple Sclerosis society to present as a key note speaker at their annual research day in Auckland in April 2017. The reason why I am really grateful is that I cherish any opportunity to stand up and share my knowledge directly with those it impacts [...]

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Levo Standing Wheelchair Demonstration

For those who are striving towards walking again or aiming to keep their mobility levels and maintain there overall health there is a vital need to be upright against gravity regularly. When I am asked to review individuals rehabilitation programs an area that I always seem to address is the amount of time spent sitting, [...]

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Using robot’s to treat Multiple Sclerosis – TVNZ News coverage REX bionics

I have been fortunate enough on my return to New Zealand last year to establish an ongoing building relationship with REX Bionics. It has been a really exciting journey together and I have been given the opportunity to really explore how something as technologically advanced as the REX can be utilised in clinical rehabilitation. I [...]

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Watch what you say and consider what is heard – reflections of a Neuro Physio

I wanted to put pen to paper, well fingers to key board and reflect on a situation that seems to happen all too often too those living with a neurological condition. This is not a post about pointing fingers or disrespect to anyone but a post to highlight the strong impact we (health professionals) have [...]

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In Press – Dual Tasking in Parkinson’s Disease

I was recently interviewed regarding my thoughts on dual task training in Parkinson's Disease for New Zealands Parkinson's Society  regular newsletter. I highlighted the fact that people with Parkinson's will have an increased difficulty of dual tasking due to the increased demand on dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is a vital neurotransmitter (hormone) that is [...]

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Reflections from week 1 of the Basic Bobath Course

Firstly what is Bobath....well it is the underlying platform of neurological physiotherapy treatment. It was first developed in the 1940's by Berta Bobath and it has continued to be develop and enhanced over the years. The Bobath concept is defined as; "An inclusive, individualised, problem solving, living concept based on a systems approach to motor [...]

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Awarded a Honorary Clinical Fellowship

Well I have to say I am as proud as punch to announce that I have been awarded a Honorary Clinical Fellowship from the Australian Catholic University (ACU)...(que jumping around the lounge in excitement). As this is another step achieved on the upward climb of being the best neurological physiotherapist I can be. This is [...]

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Promoting Neurological Physiotherapy – a day in the life

Back in September it was World Physiotherapy day on the 8th September and I took it upon myself to help raise the awareness of neurological physiotherapy. I am extremely passionate about what neurological physiotherapists do, as many members of the public have no idea about the vital aspects of our role. And how we can [...]

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