This is our first Gold Star award!! The Gold Star award is our opportunity to acknowledge the amazing achievements and inspirational lives that our clients lead.

Our first award goes to the fabulous Lee! Lee has been working with us since 2016, he has been an inspiration for the start. Lee broke his spine at the age of 16 and has been wheelchair bound with a Spinal Cord Injury for the past 29 years. He demonstrated to the world that a Spinal Cord Injury does not need to slow you down, racing in countless marathons and ultra-marathons, climbing all the stairs in Auckland sky tower, as well as giving back to the youth and educating professionals and the public about life in a wheelchair.  (There are countless of other accolades I don’t have time to mention, like demolition darby race car driver).

Lee presented with chronic shoulder, elbow and hand pain from years of pushing, literally his limits and his wheelchair. We worked with Lee for 3 years, achieving excellent results in not only pain reduction but ultimately in self management of not just his pain but his whole SCI.

One of these really important elements of self management is around the importance of being upright against gravity into standing. The human body fully evolved to stand and when you take this essential element away it can lead to a wide range of issues.

Although I would say I am a highly experienced neurological physio in the treatment of SCI, Lee like many of our clients keep my thirst for knowledge strong, and I learned a lot from Lee, which I will always remember.

Several months on from our last appointment I was extremely proud to see pictures of Lee doing some DIY work at home from his standing manual wheelchair. Taking advantage of the height, functionality and the added bonus of all the physical benefits of standing.

Congratulations Lee, your live your rehab well and continue to inspire and motivate so many! Never Stop.