I was extremely grateful for the invitation by the Auckland Multiple Sclerosis society to present as a key note speaker at their annual research day in Auckland in April 2017. The reason why I am really grateful is that I cherish any opportunity to stand up and share my knowledge directly with those it impacts the most. The treatment of MS physically has radically changed over the last few years and its important that everyone with MS understands and knows the vital key elements to manage their condition as proactively as possible.

This includes fatigue management, heat sensitivity management and how to exercise to stimulate neuroprotective effects in the body.

Here is a copy of a review that an individual with MS wrote about the talk;

We then had a very lively and exciting presentation by Gilly Davy, Senior Neurological
Physiotherapist in Auckland. Gilly was so bubbly and full of conviction about the importance of exercise in the treatment of MS. In fact, being inactive, and she stated that 78% of PwMS are inactive, is a huge risk. Exercise is medicine, she believes, and it won’t make your MS worse. In fact the benefits are huge! Exercise is anti-inflammatory; exercise re-myelinates; exercise can help re-model our neuro system; exercise improves cognition. Gilly discussed the core principles of her regime, including how to exercise, how to help avoid overheating during exercise and the need to rest daily for 20 minutes. I am very excited about her ideas, which are backed by research and building evidence proving that exercise can have neurological protective effects and can significantly improve quality of life and symptoms. I would encourage all of you to get this information and see what you can achieve. As Gilly Davy proclaimed: ‘Challenge yourself!’