Here is a great client story about the impact of receiving neurological rehab via telehealth, which people still ask “does it actually work”. James let’s us know about his story and his return to maximising his life once more.

My name is James Taylor, I’m a high-school teacher. I live in Ceduna (Australia) and I love surfing, playing sports and playing music. When I was 19, while at Uni, I came off my skateboard and fractured my leg in two places. After surgery in hospital there we complications with blood flow and I developed a disease which reduced the muscles and nerves in my leg to 40%.

I was unable to dorsiflex my leg and developed what was called drop foot. After numerous surgeries to correct the issue, and some mediocre rehab, I then dislocated my kneecap on the same leg twice in two months, prompting further surgery.

By this time it was 3 years since the initial injury and I hadn’t played sport, been surfing or even been able to walk properly. I was often stumbling and would sometimes trip up while trying to teaching something in PE. While I could do most of my job as a teacher, I wasn’t as confident as I could have been.

One time I was staying up at a surf beach near my home and bumped into a neural physiotherapist by the name of Gilly Davy. I told her my story and she came along to give me a look the next day. She got me to do a range of exercises and told me that she believed I could improve the movement and strength in my leg. This leg that had prevented me from doing what I loved.

After some free advice I took up her offer and became a client of Connect Neuro Physiotherapy via video conferencing with weekly online telehealth sessions. We set goals that were focused on the activities that I missed the most and tailored my rehab to fit them. I hit the gym and began to jog. I haven’t jogged in years. My balanced improved. My strength improved. My confidence grew. I became a physically active person. Whenever my resolved waned, I was encouraged back on track. I now enjoy the benefits of this new confidence. Gilly from Connect Neuro also gave me some new tools to assist my foot drop including the un-obtrusive Dictus band which I used most days of the week for walking support.

I now play football for my local team, this involves heaps of running and quick movements. I also play volleyball and go surfing more regularly. I’m more willing to be active and now take more risks. I’m feeling like my old self again. The largest benefit has, by far, been the knowledge that I can improve my body and will continue to push myself.