Our August Gold Star Award is proudly awarded to Gina for her dedication to her rehab and exercise program. She is a true example that practice and hard works pays off!

Gina started with us in April 2019 following a brain hemorrhage in July 2018, she had completed long stints of rehab as an inpatient and an outpatient and was just coming to the end of her Ministry of Health funded outpatient treatment. Gina had made a good recover to date, however she was still extremely unbalanced and struggling with lower limb ataxia. This meant she needed a walking stick and was only able to walk short distance or needed supervision.

Gina has completed two intensive blocks of physio input, the first block was twice a week for 6 weeks, followed by 4 weeks self management and a 4 week block of twice a week. She then had another period of self management of 6 weeks and is currently completing her third block of once a week for 3 weeks.

Gina has been absolutely diligent with her home program and functional tasks set over the self management periods. This has not only resulted in significant improvements in clinical outcomes but her ability to walk independently outside, catch public transport and start driving lessons to regain her license!

Well done Gina your results are truly a credit of the diligent time and practice you have put in to everything we have recommended.