Neurological rehabilitation can be a very slow and frustrating journey with many people feeling disappointment from putting in hours of rehab and hard work and not getting the results they want. However progress is always progress, no matter small it may seem.

This is why it is vitally important that you set goals like Cam that are focused on getting back to an activity that you use to enjoy and get fulfillment from.

Cam suffered a stroke in October 2018 aged 49 and had significant hemiplegia in his right (non dominant) arm. Cam had made a good initial recovery in his first week in hospital to be back to independent mobility but still had non functional use of his right arm. Following discharge, Cam decided he had to invest his time heavily into his rehabilitation if he wanted to improve his situation. Cam received 5 days a week musculoskeletal physiotherapy input for the first 5 months and then started with us at Connect Neuro Physiotherapy to hone in his right upper limb dexterity and strength.

Cam has received 3 intensive blocks of therapy input from us alongside his continued MSK input and he has gradually recovered significant use in his right upper limb. Therapy input included strength training, dexterity training, functional electrical stimulation and constraint induced movement therapy as well as high repetition work. One of Cam’s meaningful goals to him was to return to clay bird shooting which he use to do both competitively and recreational prior to his stroke.

In October, 1 year follow post his stroke Cam was able to return to the shooting range and not only have a go, but also improved quickly within his first session to experience the enjoyment this hobby gives him. He is now shooting weekly again.

Cam’s story highlights that having a meaningful goal to aim for an achieve can create a huge level of satisfaction that can also inspire you, like Cam to create further goals.

Congratulations Cam it has been a pleasure to help you towards your goals.