Back in September it was World Physiotherapy day on the 8th September and I took it upon myself to help raise the awareness of neurological physiotherapy. I am extremely passionate about what neurological physiotherapists do, as many members of the public have no idea about the vital aspects of our role. And how we can significantly improve the quality of life for someone living with a neurological condition at any stage of their life.

To help increase this awareness I recorded 8 short videos on the 8 days of September leading up to World Physiotherapy day recording “A day in the life of a neurological physio”, check out each of the videos below;


Its world physio day on the 8th of September and my mission is to raise awareness of what is neurological physiotherapy and what we do for neurological rehabilitation. So for the next 8 days I am going to provide you with an insight into the day to day life of a neurological physio.

Day 2

No clinical work today so letting you know about what else we have to do as well as a short explanation about what neuroplasticity is.

Day 3

So its day 3 for raising awareness of neuro physio and its the weekend, practicing what I preach and out running a 21km trial race. However more importantly I talk about neurological protection and how to achieve this.

Day 4

The benefits of hydrotherapy are outstanding in neurological rehab, take a listen why, as I continue on my aim to raise the awareness of neurological physiotherapy for the 8 days leading up to the 8th September which is World Physiotherapy Days.

Day 5

When do you get to meet a neurological physiotherapist – in hospital and in the community, continue watching to see some standing retraining in the clinic.

Day 6

A little insight into upper limb neurological rehabilitation with a look at the saebo glove.

Day 7

Community or home based neurological physiotherapy allows the transfer of skills gained to functional outcomes and the ultimate goal of improving quality of life.

Day 8 – World Physiotherapy day

It is World Physiotherapy Day and talk alittle about why I love my job as a neurological physio and we also here from 4 inspiring individuals how neurological physiotherapy has impacted them